What exactly does computer forensics involve?

Computer forensics is a branch of digital science relating to evidence found in personal computers and other digital storage media such as tablets and smartphones. This branch of digital forensic science involves investigation and analysis techniques used to gather and preserve information or evidence from a computing device in such a way as to be able to legally use it in a court of law. In order to achieve this, one must make use of a professional computer forensics service provider that is able to perform a structured investigation, enabling him/her to examine and analyse the digital evidence found in a forensically sound manner. Such professionals will be able to determine what has gone wrong on a device, and/or who is responsible for it.

Computer forensics services from Secma

The computer experts at Secma International Security will be able to assist clients in finding hidden files/folders, uncovering deleted files/folders, providing proof of file modifications, revealing Internet surfing activities and/or document/file uploads, as well as to recover entire documents or portions of documents.

We are effectively able to support your demand for uncovering evidence of corporate spying, inappropriate web activities, as well as unwanted e-mail and/or file changes made in an effort to cover traces of a particular unwanted activity.

Our computer forensics services include:

  • Data recovery
  • Network infrastructure
  • E-mail tracking
  • Covert mobile tracking
  • Global positioning system (GPS) tracking

If you are in need of computer forensic services, contact us for more information on how we can help you.


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