What is counter-surveillance?

Counter-surveillance refers to activities carried out by a third party on behalf of another person who suspects he/she is being surveyed. The purpose of a counter-surveillance team is to identify the presence of technical surveillance equipment (such as bugs or listening devices), or to gather information on hostile surveillance teams that may be surveying client(s).

What can we do for you?

At Secma International Security, we specialise in providing our clients with different surveillance services, tailor made to protect them and their best interests. We make use of specialised mobile surveillance teams who work from fully equipped vehicles, as well as static surveillance teams who survey specific locations.

Our surveillance services include the following:

Counter Intelligence (the process of protecting a business's private/sensitive information from rival businesses and/or other unauthorised access.)

De-bugging and sweeping services (detecting and removing or neutralising bugs or other listening devices)

Disclosure: All de-bugging, eavesdropping and discreet filming operations are carried out with the full knowledge and consent of the client as well as in accordance with South African Legislative requirements, including Act 127 of 1992, the Interception and Monitoring Prohibition Act.

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